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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)


Avaya IP SoftphoneXCLUTEL offers a full range of VoIP solutions for Small to Enterprise businesses. For the person always on the go and the person who wants to work from home, we have the applications and solutions your business craves.

AVAYA systems offer the flexibility to go from traditional phone solutions to VoIP by the simple task of adding a daughter board to the phone system. There is virtually no limit to the extent this application can help your businesses bottom line


Avaya IP Telephone

To make sure that any new technology provides the levels and quality of service demanded and required by our customers, XCLUTEL requires a that a network assessment be performed for customers looking to implement new VoIP Technology.

The network assessment will give us a road map to your network topology and your available bandwidth. This will help us determine what steps are needed in order to make your VoIP experience a good one. VoIP is a great technology when planned and implemented properly. If you think that VoIP is going to save you money, do your research. The term is widely misused and in most case, when all the required steps are taken to insure a successful implementation result, VoIP can be much more expensive than a traditional digital implementation. XCLUTEL believes in a hybrid approach to give you the most bang for your buck.

Avaya IP Telephone

If you are planning on implementing IP phones for your business, QOS and Power over Ethernet (POE) switches are highly recommended for your installation.

XCLUTEL will include these on any implementation we design. However, if the switches are customer provided, XCLUTEL bears no responsibility for Quality of Service issues.


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